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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

More totally awesome awards!

I think I discovered the secret to life. Be the nice guy, and finish last. Be a complete and total jerkwad, and people LOVE YOU!

That must be the case, because I'm one insensitive comment away from being labeled a sociopath, and I got awards. Not an award, AWARDSAH, with an S, as in plural. Three to be exact.

The first award is from the totally hot girl from Sing
le in the City. I can't pronounce or spell her name, so we'll just refer to her as Single the Hottie. This pretty young lady has beautiful eyes, a pretty white smile, and a killer ass. Not to mention, her youthful enthusiasm, bright outlook on life and sunny disposition make me wish I was ten years younger. And 500 miles closer. This is my 1 in a million friend award. I certainly am glad I ran across this girl!
My second award is from Jillian at The Loquaciously Verbose Ramblings of One Slacker. WHEW, what a mouthful! Not only did I learn two brand new words from her title alone, her blog is TOTALLY COOL, just like her. She went and got married before we met, so I'm not allowed to date her. Shame. She's one of the coolest chicks around, and she's into all the awesome shit like comic books, super hero's and science fiction. Seriously, if her husband ever decides to get pissed off at her for whatever reason, I'll come down there and slap him upside the head. There are NO shortcomings she has that are not completely offset and overshadowed by the COOLNESS which she possesses. He already knows that, I'm sure of it! So thanks Jillian, you are the WOMAN!
The third and final award was given to me by Moooog35 over at Mental Poo. If this guy was in Lord of the Rings, he'd be a hobbit. But not a whiny little bitch hobbit like Frodo, or a flaming homo hobbit like those two little faeries he was with. This guy would be a jive talkin, bitch slappin, take no shit hobbit, like Danny Davito.

This award is very close and dear to my heart. When you see it, you'll see why. If you read his blog (go RIGHT NOW and READ HIS BLOG), you'll understand why I like him so much. If you take my sense of humour, trim the fat, inject a tad more funny, and a whackload more gross, you have Mental Poo.

Moooog, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU for this super awesome award! I display it on my site with pride!

And finally, to the following people:

Single in the City

The Loquaciously Verbose Ramblings of One Slacker.
Mental Poo

I bestow the other two awards here that you didn't give me.

I love you all!


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11 keen observations:

Chele said...

congrats on your awards! and thank you for what I will take as a compliment comment that you left on my blog. Its always flattering to make testies I think

Mike said...

chele - to clarify, what I was saying is that's what would happen should I try the splits.... it doesn't work well with me.

Yes, the rest was a compliment.

Meghan said...

Congrats on the awards. Sociopathic commenters are rarely awarded enough in society.

I have no reward for you, so just give me your address and I'll mail you a cookie. Or my cat. Tough call.

Anonymous said...

Thank You MIKE!!! I am so glad I got compliments on my Ass, I thought it was way to fat and I needed to loose some fat back there! LOL!!

Thank You for the awards, you really earned yours from me, you always check on me and all that good stuff!

I knew there was a sensitive side to you!!! *Smile*

Single Aka Nehya(Nia)!

billymac said...

niiiice awards, good stuff. and keep that shart dude away from me!

The Chronicles of a Fashionista in PDX said...

Cha-Ching! Congrats! You definitely deserve them!

Keep up the humor-rific awesomeness blogginess :)

Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

Congrats you evil GENIUS you! :)

Tink said...

Congrats on all the awards! Show off. ;)

Ouch to the picture used for that last award. I don't even want to know the backstory...

Jay Cam said...

eew that last award was really disturbing, but you sure deserved it!
: )

R.E.H. said...

Congrats on the awards, dude!

Now, I've got some new blogs to check out...

Jillian said...

OK, my new favorite word is officially "Shart". I pretty much laugh whenever I say it, like "penis".

Thanks, Mike. You are absolutely hilarious and a joy to read!

GO Canada!