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Monday, November 26, 2007

Totally Awesome Awards!

You know how awesome you guys are? Do you really want to know? I screw off for a week and don't post a bloody thing and I come back and I have AWARDS! That's right, you've given me totally awesome awards even though I haven't entertained anyone for a week. Seriously, I don't deserve totally cool readers like you (no comments from the peanut gallery, yes, Mimzie, I'm looking in your direction, I can totally see the comments working in your head, this means you).

I'd first like to thank Drowsey Monkey. She gave me an award a while ago and I totally did not give her the kind of acknowledgement she deserves. Seriously, that was cool. I'm new to the blogging scene and to receive a break out blogger award for blogs that are new and going places and fast was quite the honour. So here it is, the award Drowsey Monkey gave me:

In hopes of giving Drowsey Monkey more readers from a better google rating, I will now repeat her name with a link many times in hopes that google (or other search engines) will give her a better rating. Ready? Here goes. Drowsey Monkey! Drowsey Monkey! Drowsey Monkey! Drowsey Monkey! Hope that helps! By the way, as far as sheer writing talent in my humble opinion of course, Drowsey Monkey is one of the best out there. Seriously, everybody, make her site a daily read like I do.

My next awarder is Stealth over at I'm Down With That. She is probably the only person I know that can close down one blog and open another (for reasons of her own) and not skip a beat in humour, style, flair, and number of readers. She can go from posts about girly girl shop fests, to fun with family or friends, and back to bust your gut funny. One of the ONLY bloggers that I know that can post up just a single funny pic or cartoon and just make it seamlessly blend with her previous post of another Bon Jovi stalk fest. This lady's blog is one of the bestest all around blogs.

The best part about Stealth is she actually likes my blog! To prove it she gave me the flowery girly and surprisingly pretty "You make me smile" award. She mentioned something about the award looking ridiculous on my site, perhaps thats a not so subtle hint to tone down the testosterone? Whatever, here is the cool and flowery You make me smile award bestowed upon me by Stealth.

Stealth, because of this excellent award, I'll do my utmost to try and turn google just a tad more friendly towards you. Ready? Stealth! Stealth! Stealth! Stealth! Stealth! Stealth! YAAAY Stealth!

Lastly but not leastly, I gotta give a big shout out to my buddy Cyberpunk at Cyberpunk's so called Life. This guy lives in the Philippines and has a much better command of the English language than I could ever hope to accomplish. Besides giving me a way cool taste of what life is like on the other side of the world, this guy is an accomplished writer. He has a flair for the dramatic and a flair for humour, and is able to blend to two seamlessly. Cyberpunk has awarded me with the Be The Blog award, for being witty, intelligent, and funny. Seriously, I don't deserve you guys (MIMZIE! Peanut gallery and all that such!). Here is the award he gave me!

Is that award just slick looking or what? And now, for the google party. Cyberpunk ROCKS! HOORAAA! Cyberpunk! Cyberpunk! Cyberpunk! YAAAA! Cyberpunk is the best blog coming out of the Orient, and EVERYBODY should ready Cyberpunk!

So, I'd like to thank my awarders very much! I'd also like thank everybody else that has ever complimented my blog, which is everybody. I am still trying to come to grips with the fact that my blog is kind of successful! Who'da thunk it!

So I'm back from Niagara Falls, I was on training. One of my instructors was a totally hot milf with excellent titties, but that's a story for another day.

Ta ta!

10 keen observations:

Hungry Mother said...

Welcome back and congrats on the awards. I've graduated to working on the GMILFs.

Anonymous said...

I love how I'M the one that is singled out. No seriously, I love that. I crave and thrive on attention. I'm like a puppy.

Well, there's no one else who deserves these awards more than you. . .wait, except for me. :-)

Mike said...

Sorry Hungry, but there is NO such thing as a GMILF! *Shudder*

Mimzie - You do have a reputation for yourself. It's a good one, mind you, but it's definitely there. Thanks for the compliments, and I'll make sure to throw a MIMZIE MIMZIE MIMZIE MIMZIE google party sometime in the near future.

DrowseyMonkey said...

lol @ mother...GMILFs....never heard of that one.

I'm glad you're back toooo! And thanks for that cool google party Yes...did you see my google rating? It's 4? You can only do 3 worse than that.

Congrats on the awards...all well deserved. And the universe feels right again now that you're back.

Mike said...

Ugh, Drowsey, now I have the entire universe resting on my shoulders. If there was a god, this is what he'd feel like.

Although having god like powers would be cool, even if it was just parting a bowl of tomato soup like bruce ;)

billymac said...

grats brother... keep up the good work!

I tried really hard to come up with something snarky and sarcastic to say here... but, I got nuthin!

Mike said...

That's ok billy, we can't all be on all the time. I forgive you brother, and know that you'll come up with something extra extra special next time. Maybe even helmet special!

Cyberpunk said...

hahaha thanks for the pimp and the kind words :D

i'm touched :D

Mike said...

Cyber, you deserve it. As does everybody else on my blog roll..... even Mimzie :P

Stealth said...

Oh, Mike... this post was a masterpiece. You've totally outdone yourself. I am going to have to quote you so everyone will know that I rock the house! WooHoo