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Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Stupidity is prevalent all around us. Everywhere I go, I see stupid people doing stupid things. I was reminded of that last week when I got gas, and this is what I saw (of course, I had to snap a pic).
I can see it now. "Hey boss! Where do you want these boxes that have to be stored in a cool, dry place?" "I don't know Jethro, how about in that there big giant puddle of water?" "Ok goober! You got it!"

DUH! People can't even follow SIMPLE printed instructions.

Stupidity is prevalent everywhere. Seriously. Try talking to people using big words that have more than two syllables. Nine out of ten people will look back at you just like this:
So in honour of stupidity, I googled the word and am going to share with you the first few items found.

Look at this girl.

Apparently dipping her tostito's in a jar of salsa AND sitting on the couch at the same time was just too complex for her. She tried doing all three at once and just fell right over on the floor!

How about this kid?
I can just see how it went right now. "Dargh, horsey! Mommy biwwee wanna go wide horsee! Darrgh!" Never mind the kid is probably 18 years old and still wearing diapers.

Oh, check this idiot out!

"Hey ma! I made me a hand gun that takes artillery shells!" This retard died when the recoil hit him in the head and forced his nose through his face and out the back of the skull. At least we have one less retard out there.

This guy here couldn't be bothered to rent a pick up truck. Now, he'll be buying a new car. DUH!

And the very FIRST thing I found when I searched for stupidity?

'Nuff Said.


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22 keen observations:

Tequila Mockingbird said...

OMFG i hate people who ask me to define my polysyllabic words. when i was younger, i used to dumb myself down a little, but now i've found it's good to cull the herd during dating.

dude, you and me should make babiez, they would be super smart, and with my superior irish genes, they could drink like a sonofabitch.

Knight said...

Is the dumbass in the first photo eating the salsa off the carpet? Is that the puddle next to the jar?

Tink said...

If I had been with the idiot riding the dinosaur, I think I would have walked away and left him there.

Anonymous said...

My google reader is not upgrading your blogs ! don't know why!

anyway on the subject ... i can send you my 'cool' picture it's much better than any of these guys !


Anonymous said...

I hate people. But I really hate the stupid ones. Sadly, they seem to be everywhere.

Anonymous said...

MIKE, Just to think I loved you, at any given time you can see me laying on the couch and fumbling to the floor to eat my chips!lol!

I am starting to really hate me some people hear lately.. The ones that just don't get it at all! I will say the ones that don't get it when I actually do... HATE THEM!!!

Smooches Mike!!!

moooooog35 said...

I stopped reading when I realized that stupidity was four syllables.

I can't handle that sh*t. Takes too much time.

Mike said...

Tequila - So how's this going to work, should I just jerk off into a cup and UPS it out to you??

knight - with dumbasses, you just never know

tink - when I was a kid, people left me places all the time... hmmmmm

Grey - I don't know, but I subscribe to my own email by feedburner and it seems to work.

Mimzie - 90% dood. Seriously. It' s even worse when they herd.

Mike said...

Single - if I saw you eating chips on the floor with your sexy ass waving around in the air, you might just experience sexy poo for the first time. I promise, it won't last long.

moooooog - it's ok dood, you don't have to censor yourself on my blog. I'm cool with dirty words like fuck, shit, and religion.

billymac said...

really mike? no censorship? cock... balls...

ok, that felt better. anyway, stupid is as stupid does. i actually looooove stupid people, they entertain me.

Anonymous said...

LOL!!!!!!!!! Mike you made me spit my drink on my laptop!!! naughty, naughty Mike!!!

I said on my page when you commented.. One way street sign!


R.E.H. said...

Way to store those boxes.

I loved the gun pic and the car. Those two got my chuckles going ;)

Fun post!

Jessica said...! I needed a good laugh. :)

Jillian said...


A pastor at my old church used to say "pacific" instead of "specific."

It killed me EVERY TIME. How am I supposed to take that seriously?

Naughty Lakota said...

stoopid peoples need love too.
just saying.

the cool thing about stoopid peoples is that they are so stoopid, they're oblivious when being hated on. So it's kind of like bouncing verbal tennis balls off a wall. You can insult them all you want... they just don't get it. That's kinda cool actually. Potential hours of fun on any given day.

Anonymous said... .... now its working


Tequila Mockingbird said...

ummm, id say you should freeze it in one of those jello pudding pop things, and then ship it to me in dry ice. i'll take things from tehre.

Hungry Mother said...

I eschew stupidity except in the case of nubility.

C.Rag said...

That's why we should only tax the stupid people.

Anonymous said...

MIKE: DON'T Make me beg!!!!!!

Where is the story??? LOL!

Anonymous said...

OKAY! I am not gonna ask again! I will wait, until you have forgotten that I have been asking!!

You are the sweetest!!

I think I want to have your kid also! Tequila can we share? :)


Iron Pugilist said...

*saving the pic of the girl on the couch with chips*

If she's that stupid, maybe she'll go out with me!