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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter Sunday everybody!

Boy, was I ever given a HUGE treat this morning. I went out to my backyard, and there he was, the easter bunny, laying me some mini chocolate eggs, right o
n my property! I couldn't believe it! So I snapped a picture.

I was so excited, that I tried one right away!

They weren't as good as the ones you buy from the store. Not nearly as good. As a matter of fact, they tasted like ASS! I figured this was the easter bunnies way of punking me because I'm not christian. So I let my dog outside.

This is what's left of that damned bunny!

I apologize for ruining Easter this year and years to come. If theres a bright side to this story, I don't have to feed my dog today. She's already eaten!

Happy Easter all!


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15 keen observations:

Naughty Lakota said...

LOL! Yep. You are in for some kinda kiddie revenge.

Meghan said...

Ohmigod, Mike!
I was sooooo close to doing the awwwwwwwwwwwww and you ruined it!
But Happy Easter anyways :P

R.E.H. said...

I'm coming for my revenge, Mike!

I've been sitting here all day waiting for the Easter bunny to show up... now I know why he hasn't come!


Anonymous said...

MIKE, You are a meanie!!!!!!!!

You ate the freaking Easter Bunny????

You mean ASS!!!!


Jillian said...

LOL. Gross, but funny.

Mike said...

lakota - my shins have been kicked so much over the years, i have no feeling left in them anyways.

meghan - the bunny was cute, wasn't it!

r.e.h. - careful dood, my dog might eat you too ;)

Single - the DOG at the easter bunny!

Jillian - thanks!

Tequila Mockingbird said...

do you know what jesus did to me because i'm an atheist? he made the french girl i was planning on having sex with this weekend get strept throat. what a hating sonofabitch.

Knight said...

Sounds like you had an exciting zombie day. Except for that crap eating part. Damn rodents.

billymac said...

i only eat poop on christmas, man your schedule is off.

Slick said...

Them little chocolate Easter eggs that bunny left were full of nutrients and stuff.

Anything that's good for you tastes like shit anyway.

Save me a leg!

Anonymous said...

MIKE!!! You Killed the Easter Bunnies future replacement!!!!

don't blame the dog!! He's too cute for that.

Jay Cam said...

dang it man! no wonder the easter bunny didn't come to my house!

Kerstin said...

damn rabbit left the same thing in my flower bed. he was too quick for me though.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I am taking up your space... But ummmmm I miss ya darling.. Where you be? Come out come out,where ever you are!!!!!!

Hillary said...

My parents' dog loooves rabbit poop. It's so gross to watch but he munches it down like it's candy. Easy to please, that dog is.