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Friday, March 28, 2008

Primates Rule!

C.Rag doesn't like primates in any form. I don't understand what's the matter with her.


Monkeys are FUNNY. They do all the things that retarded people do that we find funny. The difference is, IT'S OK FOR US TO LAUGH AT THEM.

Like, when I see a retarded person stick his finger in the dirt, his ear, his nose, his dirty un-wiped bum, and then his mouth, I laugh. Well, except I keep it on the D/L because I'm afraid a group of fat crusading mothers with no rational thought and nothing better to do will beat me to a bloody pulp and sue me after I get out of the hospital for causing emotional distress. And win.

But go to the zoo and see a monkey beating off or throwing poo at another monkey, laugh away! People will join you!

Really, how can a monkey NOT be funny?


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14 keen observations:

Anonymous said...

MIKE: I loved this Video! LOL!! I don't like monkeys either. Well I am just not an animal lover at all.

Tho You have a cute dog, Why do I love it? Because It is yours. I love me some MIKE!!!

I have to go back and watch the Video again & again! the Highlight of my night!!! YAY!!!!

Meghan said...

I MUST go find the post I did years ago about how funny monkeys are and how you can sell ANYTHING if the ad has a monkey in it.

It'll prove we're either soulmates or both waaaay too easily amused.

Hungry Mother said...

If you had a Barbary Ape shooting a load at you while picking your pocket, you'd change your tune.

billymac said...

wow, memory lane... i remember that video from years ago... it's still a classic!

R.E.H. said...

Damn! That was one funny video! Priceless!

Monkeys are always funny - they're by far my favorite animal! I'd rather keep a pet monkey than any other critter in my house.

Knight said...

That video always make me laugh. Have you seen This Video ?

Jillian said...

Monkeys ARE funny.

Also, someone in our house (I won't say who) thinks the Special Olympics are pure comedy.

Iron Pugilist said...

I hate primates of all kinds. I want to shoot them all. I'll make them pay for what they did to me.

C.Rag said...

I hate monkeys. I also hate Ass to Mouth.

The Chronicles of a Fashionista in PDX said...

That's some funny stuff LOL

Tequila Mockingbird said...

speaking of primats and whatnot, my coworker and friend found a gorilla costume being sold on craigslist, and we were gonna go halfsies on it, and then halfsies on a banana costume and then we'd chase each other around uptown, and go into bars to tell people we were ape about their drink specials.

Anonymous said...

I love monkeys! I want one for a pet. Or a midget. Whichever.

Mike said...

Yes, ya'll love monkeys.

I think that me and Jillians husband will be getting together to laugh at the special olympics. Maybe pull an Eric Cartman and dress up like tards to get in!

Also: That's a good idea tequila. Me and an ex girlfriend were once going to rent sumo suits and fuck in them to see what it's like being really fat people. That never happened.

Single: How can you NOT like animals? They are the best. They are also capable of unconditional love, unlike us asshat humans.

Anonymous said...

Boo, I have tried to love animals I used to have a baby Rot, then I got bored after like 5 days!

For you I will try oneday!!