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Monday, April 7, 2008

Trip with the dog

*Update April 8th, 2008. Moooog35, mental man of poo, one of the funniest blogs I read, has done me the honour of letting me guest post for him. Go to his page, and check out my guest post! Then read the rest of his shit. It's really, really good. Just don't get so absorbed in the gooey funny that is mental poo to forget about little ol' spazoid, eh?

This weekend, it was time for one of my semi
annual pilgrimages to a small town two hours north of where I live. I do this because the dog I purchased happens to be:
1. Rare

2. Difficult to groom
3. I have to drive two hours to get her groomed.

The breeder grooms her, which involves three hours of hand stripping a fidgity high energy terrier. They only charge me $60, and they do an absolutely fantastic job. The reason they only charge me $60? I think it's because I have to spend three hours in their little town.

Here is the sign coming into town:
Who uses one of their slogan words as HIGH? Well, obviously that's the reason they are all HAPPY, but does being high all the time really make you healthy?

There's not much to do in this little town. I decided to browse the local real estate. Seen here are the premium trailer spots.
Here's a shot of the downtown core:
At least the locals have something to do, as seen here (the sign says lovers lane, in case it's too small or blurry to read, oh shit I just ruined the joke, oh well):Of course, by the time they get there it's usually dark, which is the way they like it:
But, Jinx got a fantastic hair cut. I think she lost about a pound of hair, which would be the equivalent of me shaving my chest. Here's the before:
Here's her after shot:
Just because I think Border Terriers are the coolest dogs on the planet, I'd like to share with you Jinx's aunt and grandmother.
In closing, here is one of the more disturbing things I've seen on youtube recently. Enjoy.


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20 keen observations:

Anonymous said...

You do have a great looking Dog!! Hey that town looks like that one I grew up in.

As you know I have said many times that I am a lover of Chocolate! But That video has turned me off of Chocolate for awhile!!!

Oh I have to say one more time Jinx is cute!!!


The Offended Blogger said...

OK, single girl is right, you have *the* cutest dog ever but please don't tell Brutus I said that or he might pee on my new shoes as revenge.

I tell him every day that he is the cutest dog ever!

That video was disturbing, I expected him to sing like a young Michael Jackson or something.


billymac said...

set up with the small town and cute dog thing... and then WHAM, weird random shit... well played.

Meghan said...

K, three points....
1.) Cutest. Dog. Ever.
2.) That looks like most of the small towns I've lived in, in B.C.
3.) Screw Regina, can we meet up there and hang out in the bustling downtown core?

Iron Pugilist said...

What the...? It's like a whole new dog!

Naughty Lakota said...

Awww - cute dog. Is this the lesbian pet you told me about?
You need to find her a GF.

Horse and carriage? For real? And not a tourist in sight. Wow. People still use those to get around? Freaky. Of course given the cost of gas, i may need to look into one of those...

C.Rag said...

Did you see last week's South Park with the Chocolate Rain guy?

Tequila Mockingbird said...

awe, your dog is cute. so cute it makes me hate you less.

just kidding. i still hate you just as much as before.


anyway, no, your dog looks awesome. i thought you were gonna do like another blogger did and post pix of you in the shower with your dog washing it.

it's still not too late to do that...

Anonymous said...

I dig your navigation system that you have mounted to your window. Snazzy!

Claire said...

High, happy, healthy. What a motto! Jinx looks super cute - I love those dogs!


Hungry Mother said...

When I drive through a town like that, I get so depressed thinking about what it would be like to live there, that I feel like swerving randomly into an oncoming vehicle.

Knight said...

Are you sure they didn't just give you a new dog?

How did you just find out about Chocolate Rain? He has been a big media buzz for over a year now. I like to sing like him during awkward pauses at work.

The Chronicles of a Fashionista in PDX said...

Hey player,

Good going to blog and post pictures of your cute little Jinx. Your blog was definitely well received by many women gushing and awing over the pup. ;)

Mike said...

Single - has she turned you onto pets yet?

offended - it's ok. most other dogs know she's better looking too. They accept it, like gravity and the inaccessibility of liver treats

WookieMac - Yea, i'm just freaky like that.

Mike said...

meghan - screw 'regina' was ALMOST what I was thinking! ;)

IP - isn't it great?

lakota - that belongs to a group of hypocrites.. ugh, people called the Mennonites. Remind me to tell you about them someday.

c.rag - that's how I found out about chocolate rain!

tequila - you may NOT borrow my dog and a jar of peanut butter. EVER!

mimzie - it's mostly for show. My internal compass is much better because I'm a man!

claire - you've heard of border terriers before?

hungry - that happens often because of drunk driving. What else is there to do?

knight - I thought so, but I knew it was her when she farted in my face.

Fashionista - tell them to come over to meet her and my penis!

The Chronicles of a Fashionista in PDX said...

I'm tagging you. See my blog to find out what this means.


Anonymous said...

Only her so far!!! Don't tell anyone I am getting soft!!


Jillian said...

I am not a dog person, but I'll admit she's cute.

Also, that guy in the chocolate rain video totally sold out and did a commercial for Dr. pepper... something about Cherry Chocolate Rain... it was awful.

R.E.H. said...

I think I would lose my mind if I for any reason had to live in Mount Forest!

That video though already ripped any remaining sanity out of me... LOL! I couldn't stand the song after about a minute, and just skipped ahead a little... love the head movement thing he did every now and then....

Mike said...

Jillian - he's smart then. He's got no talent and he knows it, so he might as well cash in as much as possible as a one hit wonder.

R.E.H. - wasn't it awful?