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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Truth of Water, how I'm doing & spazoid space sucks my bunghole

Howdy folks, Spazoid here.

Well, I'd just like to say that this blog sucks.

Not so much because of the content, because when I'm ON there's a small proportion of the population that would LOVE all the gross icky crap I post here.

And a small proportion of a worldwide population = a fuckload of people.

I'm new to the internet game. And everything I did with this site, I did WRONG. I haven't done a shit lick of promotion in months and months because I know that this blog is shit and it isn't worth it. No, you need your own domain and a REAL blogging platform like wordpress instead of this mickey mouse blogger with a free subdomain shit.

No, my interest now is The Truth of Water. I've learned a fair bit (I'm still learning, aren't we all), but The Truth of Water is my puppy now.

Statistics for the Truth of Water:

Unique Visitors for Sept = 390
Unique Visitors for Oct = 1155

And I hope to continue to grow and grow and grow it. I've purchased a hosting service and my very own domain name, so in those two things I've done it right. Obviously, traffic is growing.

Since I first blog whored The Truth of Water on this crappy shitty blog, I've made some changes. I'd love all 7 of my readers to visit The Truth of Water, click around, and suggest improvements if any. As a reward, you all will get my undying love.

I'd also like your opinion on this:

Do you think my crap on spazoid's space is worth redoing? Should I purchase a domain name, set up a good word press blog, and whore my shit out to the world in a similar manner of promotions as The Truth of Water?

Thanks everybody! All seven of you spazoid readers are fantastic!

13 keen observations:

Meghan said...

I love Spazoid's Space. Please keep it going. If not for me, do it for the children.

Miss Milk said...

I don't think a blog like this needs to be a full-on, promoted website with a standalone domain. So what if it has a subdomain? The domain doesn't change the quality of the website. Why do you need to promote it? Is there something bigger than the typical (toilet) humour blog that you're trying to achieve with it? The only benefit I can see to promoting it would be getting a whole heap more comments, but do you need that? We seven ARE pretty fantastic, after all. And if you want a couple more readers, comment on their blogs like you did mine and see what happens.

I think you should keep it up the way you did... just to vent and poke fun and entertain every so often. Just because you want to. Because it's fun.

Oh, wait. You do the ad thing, the blogs-making-money thing... I don't know if the appeal is universal enough for this blog to be a successful money maker. But if that's what you're looking for, whore away?

Mike said...

Meghan - you know how I feel about children :P

Milk - What I'm looking to do is make passive income from something I enjoy.

The reason I want to make passive income is I want to become independent.....

My plans will start about a year from now - but I need some residual income to supplement my need to eat and pay my mortgage while I build a business - and pay off start up loans.

The reason is I've seen some big name blogs pull in some serious traffic, and income. Like - if that crusty bitch can do it, so can I ;)

If it all works out I'll be in business for myself and making money and not having to rely on the man AND paying my bills plus some.

Still, it's a scary thing to do, pulling the plug on a guaranteed monthly income after you immerse yourself in a mortgage.

If you have a blogger subdomain the only way you can get readers is to comment whore for hours a day, because conventional promotion techniques don't work as well for subdomains.

Anyways, don't take it as an insult to loyal readers like you, that's not what it's about.

Quinn said...

I hope you've added me to your 7 readers.
I agree with milk. No doubt your blog is funny. Are there enough people who love poo houmour as well as your unique sense of humour to make it worth your while?
But I have to say that you turning into a whore gives me nice feelings in my naughty parts. :)

Hungry Mother said...

I read blogs to get a new slant on things and yours fits the bill for me. I understand the desire for fame, riches, and glory from a blog, but those things tend to enslave one as well. For me, a blog is a means for me to publish my thoughts and opinions. If I am the only reader, so be it. Because I record the objective aspects of my life so thoroughly in my online journal, my trip reports, and various photo essays, my blog is simply a way for me to be opinionated and subjective. Good luck with whatever you decide.

Anonymous said...

I think a lot of the really popular blogs are ones that provide information. With those, it doesn't seem to matter whether they have their own domain, or are running on another platform (such as blogger).

I'm not really sure if Spazoid Space could be a huge money-maker, but I think you should keep it up if you enjoy it. Have you looked at other passive money-makign schemes, such as affiliates?

I looked ath The Truth of Water today for the first time. It's awesome. I'll be going back and telling everyone I know to go there too.

Your Sister

A. said...

I don't really give a shit what you do as long as you keep blogging and let me know if you change the link.

Knight said...

That last comment was from me not A. I didn't know she was signed in on my computer. Oops.

Mike said...

quinn - make that 8. Also, save your funny feelings for Vyolet :P

hungry - yea, my brain sure does come up with a new slant on things! Thank you for your kind words.

Robin - thank you for noticing my real website! And thank you for the plugs.

Knight - is a that hot chick that dresses in the sexy victorian style? hot.

moooooog35 said...

Sure - buy a domain name.

If you could purchase the domain name "" I'd appreciate it.

Thanks in advance.

Mike said...


that's a subdomain of

How about:

That work better?

Jessica said...

I love this blog--funny stuff. :)But you should only keep it going if you enjoy writing it.

That's awesome about the The Truth of Water! It's a great site. I see lots of potential there.

Don said...

I enjoy Spazoid's. The only reason I don't get here more is that I don't use FMB often. I do read the Truth/Water. I'm one of those 7 readers I guess. I read it through BC. Are you listed at BC? I can't locate Spazoid's there...