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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I need your help, please.

I've had this blog up now for almost a year. As most of my readers know, the content of this blog is anything but serious. This blog comes from the deepest, most inane and childlike regions of my mind... which come to think of it is almost every region of this thing I call a brain.

As fun as this blog is, I thought it was time to create something new, something more serious, something of actual help and benefit to the general public by some knowledge I possessed which was greater than most of the populace had.

No, I didn't open a site about bowel movements, smart asses.

Many times at work I'm communicating with the general public. I answer questions which seem obvious to me, but only because of my knowledge and experience. It seems that my expertise isn't really common knowledge, and my knowledge is something that isn't always readily available.

Fancy that.

So, without further adue, I'd like to present my new website:

The is a resource for everyday people to ask a question, any question about water. Tap water, your well water, water treatment equipment, why this and why that. And it's free! (feel free to click on an ad or two).

I'm asking my blogging buddies to help me out to gain some page rank on this puppy. I would love if you could add the to your blog roll. Even better, you can go here and use one of the link graphics. Even a mention in a post would be great!

Thanks, and I love you all

-Serious Spazoid

14 keen observations:

Anonymous said...

Got it up on my page.....


Vyolet said...

Anything for you Mike!

Anonymous said...


Please read this:

Mike said...

Ne - awesome, thank you!

Vyolet - thank you too!

indrani - i didn't get the full link, could you repost on two lines? Thanks

Jessica said...

I'll put it up. Cool idea. Ne asked my question about water. :)

moooooog35 said...


I've submitted a question.

Look forward to the answer on why water is actually wet.

Thanks for the info!!

Mike said...

Jessica - thank you too! I hope the answer was satisfactory?

Mooooog - I have an answer for that. You won't like it because it's not funny. I'm sorry. There's two ahead of you so please check back sometime saturday ish.

BUT thank you for asking a funny AND a really good question!

Anonymous said...


You have to copy the link and paste it on your browser. I did so to check if it is working and it is.

The link once again. Let me know if you could get to the other end.

Anonymous said...

...remember to copy and paste.

Jessica said...

Good answer, and great idea for the site. I'm sure a lot of people will benefit. I like the idea of readers asking questions and you answering them...rather than just article posts.

This doesn't mean you are quitting the humor business, does it?

Mike said...


no worries, you'll continue to see the deepest darkest depths of the human psyche that is spazoid's space.

Technodoll said...

That's pretty cool - I'm still not sure what you do for a living, though. Is it a secret?..

Drowsey Monkey said...

That's a cool idea for a blog. And it's nice to see your serious side for a change ;)

C.Rag said...

I'll put it up.