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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Shout outs!

I need everybody to go to the following site.

And purchase at least two of the CD's.

When I was on vacation, I was surprised to find my brother in law had a CD. Now, I knew he was a singer songwriter with a local following and live performances, but I didn't know he took it to the next step.

If you don't like folk music, you just might after listening to this CD. His style is simple sounding, but his guitar and harmonica are excellent and his lyrics
are very well put together My very favorite song is "I got stoned at work today". Buddy smokes up at work and ends up being the boss. Classic!

Go check it out, listen to the sample mp3's, and if you like it, buy it!

As an added incentive, he's agreed to look at a song that I'm going to write for him. Trust me people, that's really, really good. Most people don't even bother looking at my work before setting it on fire and trying to stuff it down my pants. And h
ey, you never know. A tune written by spazoid might end up on a CD. Who knows what sort of debauchery I'll come up with? Oh, I promise it won't be about poo.

That site again is

Go there, buy stuff!


Secondly, the fabulous and very, VERY hot Chelle B of offended blogger fame has a new website up.

I love going to Chelle's blog because I always, ALWAYS come back offended!


Anywho, Chelle has started a new website to promote other awesome humorous offending bloggers.

It's a humour bloggers social blogging directory for people who enjoy humour blogs. Everybody check out The offended blogger and also Humor bloggers dot com!

Thanks Chelle B! Spazoids loves you!

6 keen observations:

Anonymous said...

Iam going to have to checked this out! when i get back from work that is!! and i am a lurker at her blog!

But I love it! makes me laugh a lot!

Going to go there later also!

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

You are writing songs now? Mr. Mike is talented!! wwooop wooop!


Mike said...


I may be trying my hand at writing a song, but a songwriter I am not!


Remains to be seen.

My first (and possibly only) ditty will be about wal mart.

Knight said...

I dig his sound. Does he have is own studio for recording?

The Divine Miss M said...

I refuse.


Mike said...

Knight - I'm not sure.. I think he borrowed studio time.

miss m - because is a shitty reason, but I respect your decision ;)