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Monday, July 14, 2008

Superheroes that will never be.

This morning, I was thinking about super heroes. And my incredibly small and twisted mind came up with a few super heroes that you will never see in the comics.


Bate Man

The Incredible Sulk

Magenta Lantern

Super (special) Man

Iron Man

Tangerine*Update: As per mooooog's suggestion, I'd like to add the following:

The Frash

Girly Man


Isn't he sexy, ladies?

The Fantastic Whore

14 keen observations:

Anonymous said...

Mike!! That was mean for lil superman! hahahaha!!

Yes I would love to borrow Iron man! I have a lot of clothes I have not ironed and I need help so I can have my clothes ready from closet to body!


moooooog35 said...

How about these:

1) "The Frash": An Asian version of The Flash.

2) "Girly Man": Live action starring Boy George

3) "XXX-Men": for the ladies...

4) "Fantastic Whore": Sorry. This one is already taken. Paris Hilton stars in the lead role.

Mike said...

Ne - Iron man is also available if you hold one of those erotica parties. Just let me know, I'll be there in a frash.

Mooog - I've already managed to insult men, gays, and retards. Might as well insult the oriental and whores. Good idea!

Anonymous said...

This is hysterical!

Jessica said...

LOL-I like Tangerine, and Iron man especially. :D

Please tell me that XXX Man is not really a man! Gross.

Knight said...

XXX Man is hot.

Real Live Lesbian said...

LMAO! I love Frash, too!

Iron Man is always welcome at my house!

Technodoll said...

Gasping! For! Air!

FFS where do you come up with this shit! ROTF!

Although I would love to see Wonderbra Woman posted up there... she never lets the girls down!

Drowsey Monkey said...

I like iron man, lol

Hey, I thought you disappeared, your google feed thingy wasn't working ... or were you hiding from me, ah ha!

Too bad, I found ya.

Miss Milk said...

... It's so strange. At a guess, I'd say at least 75% of the people I know are much better looking than Paris Hilton.

The Frash made me laugh, though I'm very very ashamed of it. :(

C.Rag said...

Hey, Fantastic Whore was my name in college.

Mike said...

Mimzie - glad you like it

jessica - xxx man is the fattest man in the world. Nice tits, eh?

knight - he has a girlfriend. Sorry!

lesbian - so, you're a bigot like me eh?

technodoll - My brain is wired up backwards.

drowsey - thanks for letting me know, I'll have to do something about that.

Milk - don't worry. Somewhere, out there, there's some oriental people calling us caucasians "big fat round eyes". Don't feel bad.

C.Rag - Yea, I remember you. Vividly ;)

Meghan said...

Is the fantastic whore a superhero? I thought she was a villian.

Anonymous said...

About triple X man;

If he's carved out and stored in a fridge, how long do you think the meat will last?
Please forgive me if I sound rude, but the only thing that came to mind as my eyes fixed on his generous proportions, was: broiled chicken.

Plus, I'm curious as to how he manages to make love, if ever? And are his nerves still sensitive enough to feel and respond to the different organs in his body? I mean, it looks like they've all got lost in there...