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Friday, July 11, 2008

My dad is about to get lucky & frustrated

After many years, my mom decided that she wants to have her own business.

She didn't want to do Avon, or Mary Kay, or anything like that. But she did find something she wanted to do.

She wants to sell bras.

Not just any bras, special bras for well endowed women.

And she wasn't going to do this out of a storefront, she was going to do it right in the comfort of her own home.

There will be a parade of women coming and going from my parents house.
They will have big boobs.
They will be trying on bras.

That means that:

My old man will work less and hang around home more.
I will be at my parents house WAY more often.

You can understand why my old man might be apprehensive about this. Boobies boobies everywhere, and he can't do anything about it!

But I can!

Sometimes, I do believe in god.


16 keen observations:

Anonymous said...

You do realize that these probably aren't going to be hot women with big boobs, right? It'll be more like old women with saggy boobs. But the good news is, I can't believe we're finally going to meet. I'll be at your mom's on Tuesday!

Real Live Lesbian said...

I have to agree with Mimzie....a lot of what's going to come through the doors will be swingin' low!

But take pics anyway...just in case! ;0

moooooog35 said...

She needs to expand into the growing thong and vibrator market.

I'm guessing when that happens, Spaz will be moving back home.

Mike said...

Mimzie - you are probably right.

Also, my little town has the highest proportion of exceedingly overweight people. It's just what happens in rural canada.

I'll have to build a ramp so those people in the fat persons electric scooters can get in.

Lesbian - you like em low? I'd put in a camera for you but if my mom gets sued she won't feed me any more. Or if she does, she'll stop cooking with cheese, which is way worse.

Mike said...

mooooog - seeing as my house is less than 5 minutes away from theirs, it'll make an excellent man cave to escape when Gertrude the Wookie walks through the door looking for a lace teddy.

Meghan said...

Should I bring cash or credit?

Jessica said...


Mike said...

Meghan - if you model them for me, WITH both legs over your head, I'll buy you a pair ;)

Mike said...

Jessica - sometimes life gets funny, eh?

Knight said...

You know... people who are trying to sell bras are usually trying to help women find the perfect fit. You are going to walk in on your mom stuffing a handful of boob into a granny bra. Hot.

Mike said...

Knight - if you'd like to make an appointment I'd be more than happy to pass along the #!

Hungry Mother said...

Does you Mom sell franchises? I'd like to set up shop on the beach out front.

Hungry Mother said...

"your" Mom

billymac said...

i have three words for you: streaming web cam.

Anonymous said...


I am on my way!!! I need the address tho!! I am invited right???


Anonymous said...

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