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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

For C-Rag, a pregnancy offensive.

Update July 10/08 - The wiener of my name that fish contest, Miss Milk, has my guest post up. Everybody go visit her and read the post!

Inspired by Cunties most recent post. We love you, Cuntie!

10 keen observations:

C.Rag said...

I did say eat me. I didn't want someone to swallow me whole.

Get me out of this person!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I'm having contractions just looking at this person.

moooooog35 said...

Push her back in the water...she's dying!

Real Live Lesbian said...

You'd think she'd at least smile for the camera. Couldn't hurt nothin'!

Mike said...

c.rag - I think she ate an entire McDonalds.

Mimzie - if you're ever stuck in the cold, you could probably take a knife and burrow into the fat layer to stay warm without even hurting her, you know, like in Star Wars

mooooooog - I think the assistant is out getting the hose so the skin doesn't dry out.

lesbian - she's trying, but her jowls keep her a constant frown.

Lakota said...

i've noticed you have this thing about posting "rubenesque" women on your blog. i'm really not your type after all am i Mikey? ~sad sigh~ :P

Mike said...


Have you been taking my lusty comments on your bare chest and firm ass for granted?

Extra large people are for comedy relief my dear. It's part of what I feel is wrong with today's society: gluttony to the nth degree while people in places like the Sudan starve.

You should know my twisted little mind :P

Anonymous said...

I mean, ummmm WOW! haha!

Jo said...

That's totally a man having a food baby. A Spam & poi baby.

Hungry Mother said...

Spam and poi, the Hawaiian treat.