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Monday, July 7, 2008

Just who does she think she is?

Anybody know this girl?

That's right, it's Carrie Underwood. The sweet, unnasuming young lady that won herself an American Idhole.

Now she's gone from a sweetie to a slutty just like that. I guess it's what popularity and a honking huge paycheque gets you.

She's got two popular songs.

In the first, she uses her roll model status to show all the young ladies how not to be the bigger person. Apparently, her boyfriend goes on a date with another woman, and that earns his expensive vehicle getting destroyed.

So this tells us she's:


*and a whole bunch of other stuff.

Her next stupendous and thought provoking edifice describes how this young skank goes out to a bar, gets totally hammered, picks up a random guy, screws his brains out and marries him. She also looks down on anybody that isn't rich. Apparently a man is now measured by the size of his paycheque too, but hers doesn't matter.

So who exactly does she think she is, anyways?

'Nuff Said.

16 keen observations:

Knight said...

Don't be so upset. Measuring a man by the size of his paycheck isn't a new thing.
Carrie had to change her image. Her old one was boring and people were starting to catch on. To be honest I don't know anything about her music and I don't care to.

Besides, when a guy cheats on you it is your duty to wreck his balls not his ride.

moooooog35 said...

My motto:

You can't spell "Carrie Underwood" without putting "wood" in it.

Why I'm not a PR person, I have no idea.

I'm making a t-shirt now.

Blogget Jones said...

Hey, maybe she should meet Greg. I bet he could get a Playstation 3 from her!



Anonymous said...

HAHA! Good Ole Paris Hilton she loves her some spotlight! haha

Carrie is cool tho, I would do the same if my bf was cheating and I saw him!

Probably worse!


Lakota said...

you say that like being slutty is a bad thing. ~tilting head and looking at you quizzically~

ps - i have no fucking clue who this chick is. i don't watch tv so it makes me culturally inept.

Miss Milk said...

Part of the bliss of living on the other side of the world (the better side) is that though the name rings a vague bell, I really have no idea who Carrie Underwood is, let alone that she did those things. She didn't even look slightly familiar.

I just see another blonde with makeup plastered like dough all over her face. I wonder what she actually looks like under all that.

billymac said...

i know nothing about a honking paycheck... but i do know that she has a set of honking cans... just sayin.

The Offended Blogger said...

They are all worthless bitches I tell ya. Let's have a jihad and push every single air-headed, overpaid, talent-challenged blond into the sea.

Heh, except for me, of course!! :)

C.Rag said...

So do you listen to Miley Cyrus too?

Mike said...

Knight - what do you do when a woman cheats on you? Her balls are highly inaccessible.

moooog: that'll sell well with her skank image.

Blogget: Maybe he could get a BJ from her too?

Ne: Ugh oh. Ol' Carrie whore influenced you bad!

kota: Actually, it makes you intellectually ept. Is ept a word?

Milk: She WAS cute. Also, your analysis of the better side is up for debate ;)

Mike said...

wookie - boobies are always fun, no matter what kind of bitch they are on ;)

offended - I'm highly offended at your blatant hypocrisy. Good job!! :)

Cuntie: For someone that's going to shit a baby, you'd better get used to listening to inane crap over and over and over and over and over and over and over again.

Meghan said...

Yeah, I'd tap it.

Knight said...

"what do you do when a woman cheats on you? Her balls are highly inaccessible."

Punch her in the ovaries of course. Didn't your parents teach you anything?

Technodoll said...

oooo I love your blog! mind if I add you to my list of faves? us ranters have to stick together... *grin*

Slick said...

Which one of them should I invite over???

C.Rag said...

I will have rules such as no Hannah Montana shit.

My older siblings once caught me watching Full House when I was little. I got the shit beat out of me for watching shit like that.

There will be rules in my house.