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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tomato, Tomahto google party!

Still Single over at Tomato, Tomahto tagged me with some sort of fun tag. Basically, like any other tag, it's a link whore fest to spread around more google rank to the next person.

Theres nothing wrong with link whoring, but I hate the idea of "forcing" people to do it by tagging them. Worse still, this one is just atrocious. You have to copy a list of 26 links that correspond with the letters of the alphabet, and replace the one that your blog starts with.

Total and complete linking whore fest, and the worst part is that I CANNOT DO ANYTHING FUNNY OR ENTERTAINING WITH IT.

Screw that jive.

Instead, I'll link whore Still Singles site, and her site alone. With a google party. Basically, the idea being is that you mention the blog as much as you can, in this case still single, with imbedded links to the text, and also include google.

Hopefully, still singles site will come up in more searches. The more types of different search strings I can mention her blog in, the more chance it'll be found and therefore still single will get more traffic.

And I don't have to participate in some stupid tagging link whore fest to help people I don't even know.

To that end, I did a search on google trends and will now attach still single to some of the most popular (and funniest) search keywords.

Florida primary results still single
Earjacking still single
Dangerous cult still single
Miley Cyrus underwear still single
cheeseburger in a can still single
ramen noodles recipes still single
brawl news still single
don't drop the soap still single
Paris Hilton shoes still single
sex workers art show still single
soy bomb still single
Dan Quayle still single
Fat Tuesday still single
Hoboken fire still single

Still Single, I hope that gets you a flood of new traffic. Please, by all means, send them my way too. Also, no more tags. If you feel the need to tag me, please, have a google party instead, ya?

9 keen observations:

Anonymous said...

Ya know! I am a Tag Queen, But for you My dearest Mike I will not tag you ever!!! Thank You for the Party, and I am sure I will get a lot of gifts (traffic) and one day I will be just like you a Celebrity.. I don't have a speech prepared LOL!! Not yet anyway, But I will get one together and I will put it here on your page..

BTW, I was being really sarcastic when I said I Love PORN!!! longest I lasted watching a movie like that was like 10 mins. I am so boring. But I plan on making me one, Someday!! LOL

Again Thanks!!!!

Still Single!

Hungry Mother said...

I only last around 10 minutes on a porn movie also.

Mike said...

Hungry, you only last 10 minutes? I'm good for more, probably because I'm much younger.

I can last 12.

Still Single - The porn you'll make, can I be in it, and failing that, can I purchase a copy?

'Grey' said...

You could have just copy pasted it , less painful ... but yey ! learnt a new word " link whore" .

billymac said...

Mike, according to Time magazine, you are average:

* The average time a porn movie is watched in a hotel room is 12 minutes., 3-29-05

Anonymous said...


Mike said...

billy - I'm average? All my ex girlfriends say the same!

DrowseyMonkey said...

are you and still single flirting? I'm old and a little slow on the uptake. ;)

Anonymous said...

LOL @ DrowseyMonkey!