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Friday, January 11, 2008

My First Critic!

Well, my last post, Starbucks is Burnt Crap, was a pretty big hit with most of my readers. I didn't plan for it to come out like that. Similar to most of my posts here, I just start writing from my ass and see what happens.

One of the comments was a sarcastic criticism. Which is GREAT! I couldn't be happier! Actually receiving a criticism means that my blog is getting popular!

Lets be straight here folks. Nobody will like everything and some people feel the need to express their displeasure, rather than doing the reasonable thing and just never coming back to read this blog they didn't like.

But what does that mean to me? That means that I'm starting to hit a nice, BIG and broad audience!

Moooog35 over at Mental Poo got some criticism too. His was nice criticism, constructive criticism, rather than sarcastic crap. His critic complained that his posts were good, but too long. Just a side note here, that I think that the Mental Poo posts aren't long enough. This guy is a friggin gross out comedy GENIUS.

So, let's share! Here's what my first critic, KGB, had to say about the post Starbucks is Burnt Crap.

Stop! My sides hurt from laughing so hard. I got a mini ab workout from reading your post. That "tall/short" bit was classic. Bet no one has ever come up with that gem before. By the by, what is real coffee and what does it taste like? Thought I'd ask you since you seem to be an expert.

The sarcasm is palatable! KGB, I'm wondering, where in that post did I mention that I'm a coffee expert, and why exactly are you taking such offense to my dislike of Starbucks coffee? I like Tim Hortons coffee. I, however, understand that taste is a personal preference and I don't chastise people for their preference. Some people like drinking cat poo coffee, which is fine by me. Why would I care who thinks what is crap? That's pretty small, don't you think?

Do you have a blog? If you do, why didn't you leave the link in the comment box like everyone else? Would you be interested in sharing your work with myself and my readers? You seem to be an expert in humour, so why don't you share some of yours with us since you seem to be such an expert?

HA! How do you like them apples, KGB! Turnabouts fair play, no?

To my fans, thanks for the support! To my critics, sorry I didn't make you laugh. I welcome positive and negative comments, BRING THEM ON!

9 keen observations:

Hungry Mother said...

Tim Horton's has coffee too?

moooooog35 said...

First: Thanks for the kudos. Much appreciated.

(As such, your check is in the mail. Don't cash will bounce, FYI)

Was the comment finished with:


Starbuck's Mother"


What a big douche.


What a VENTI douche.

I believe that's "large" in Starbuckian.

billymac said...

I'm collecting all that kind of crap I get and eventually I will create a "Hate Mail" page where I point and laugh at them.... but that's just me.

Jay Cam said...


i guess i better offer some criticism too:

get a real job you bum!

wait.. that was the wrong sentence!

great work!!! keep it up!

yeah ... that's better!

Chelle B. said...

Your comment over at my place is the closest to a cricism I've ever gotten!

I am jealous now. Please come back and try harder k? :p

PS. Finally someone explained why I hate Starbucks! It tastes like burnt mental poo in a cup!!!!

Mike said...

Hungry - Tim Hortons has other things?

Mooog - you're worth it. As for the money, don't worry, I only charge 18% interest compounded by the second. And i've heard some people take personal offence to negative comments against starbucks. What a bunch of triple pump douchbags.

Billy - sweet! Hate mail is good fodder!

Jay - if i didn't have a real job i'd probably be at starbucks with the rest of the losers ;)

Chelle - I'm sorry, I can only offer criticism when it's actually seriously deserved, and only in a constructive way. I guess i'm not as much of a douchebag as i'd like to be.

Cyberpunk said...

heh at least your critic left initials instead of being Mr. Anonymous :D

but what if he wasn't being sarcastic? maybe he really sees you as a coffee expert?


Anonymous said...

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