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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Business Proposal!

I KNEW having this blog would pay off in a serious way! Check out the email I got a week or two after I put an email addy up on the blog!

FROM: MR.Patrick K. W. Chan (Executive Director & Chief financial Officer)
Hang Seng Bank Limited83 Des Voeux Road,
CentralHong Kong SAR

It is understandable that you might be a little bit apprehensive because you do not know me but I have a lucrative business proposal of mutual interest to share with you. I am Mr. Patrick K. W. Chan Executive Director & Chief financial Officer of Hang Seng Bank Ltd. I will need you to assist me in executing a business project from Hong Kong to your country. It involves the transfer of a large sum of money. Everything concerning this transaction shall be legally done without hitch. Once the funds have been successfully transferred into your account, we shall share in the ratio agreed by us both. Please reach me on my private email address: ( and after that I shall furnish you with more information’s about this operation. Kind Regards, Mr. Patrick

I'm going to be rich! There's no way I shouldn't trust this guy right? I mean, he did say that it will all be done legally and without a hitch. And he's a bank manager. You can trust the bank, right?

Oh, don't tell him, but once I get the huge sum of money i'm not going to share any ratio with him. What's he going to do, he's just a stranger all the way in Hong Kong!

Oh, all the things I'll buy with this money! I can't wait!

See all you suckers from a beach in Hawaii, drinking a chilled beverage from a coconut!


8 keen observations:

Hungry Mother said...

Yes, go for it. I financed my retirement on a similar deal from Africa some years ago.

Mike said...

Looks like I'll be joining you in retirement.

Wonder what I'll do with the 40 or 50 years I got left to live?

Maybe try to cut that down to 20?

Stealth said...

I'll start making a room for you in my basement...

billymac said...

I love this stuff, do people really fall for it?

Mike said...

Stealth - I appreciate the offer, but you wouldn't want that. It's not that I'd be ungrateful, or messy, or smelly, but I'd be a SERIOUS bad influence on your son. Probably not your daughter though, she's got the death stare down pat.

Billy - It must, that's why it's still around. And it's not just from africa any more!

tanninety said...

Waittaaminute! You mean I really can have a 14" pen1s and the two s3cr3t l3sbi4n l0v3rs at my work just by clicking that adavdghrrarhhrafd.exe attachment?

Jay Cam said...

sounds good!

some dude from africa is contacting me... lol

Cyberpunk said...

hahaha now it's spreading...I thought such proposals only come from Nigeria...