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Monday, January 21, 2008

Awards and Guesting.

First off, I'd like to thank Hungry Mother for giving me this award. Awesome! It totally wasn't deserved, because as well all know, I'm an ass.

I'd like to pass this award onto 10 others, as is the instructions the award has been given. These ten people have totally cool blogs and deserve it, because they are not asses.


Drowsey Monkey - I know she got this one already, but it wasn't from me!
I'm Down with That
Jay's World
Mental Poo
Random Thoughts - Yea Hungry, right back atcha!
Mimzie's Muzings
Tomato, Tomahto
Site Insights
Total Diatribe

I know Hungry awarded this award to some of those on my list too, but I don't know as many bloggers as he does and I wanted it to count. Sorry Hungry, I'm a biter.

Also, I sent in a love post to 1 Million Love Messages. It got published! You have to check out my snarky love post, number 551, posted on January 21st of this year, in case they update tomorrow.

13 keen observations:

Anonymous said...

Todah!!!!! Mike. And I left you a comment on the 1 million page! LOL! I hope you like it.

I am so loving the Award, My first one, what sweet memories it will make. Oh Hey I do I link your Name to your blog in my blog.. See I am still asking for more..


Stealth said...

Dankashane, MikeyPooFace.


Anonymous said...

I mean How do I link! yeah I have a lil spelling problem also..

Anonymous said...

Aw, thank you so much. I'm not worthy. . .no, wait. . .turns out, I totally am! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

I loved the open letter on the 1 million thingie. Sometimes we like to hear that sort of thing.

Jay Cam said...

thanks for the award!

i got a love message:

"to that special someone:
love me or else i won't stop stalking you"


Mike said...

Thanks still single!

You need to insert a link. Write a word, then highlight it. That will be the word that shows. Then on toolbar above, click on the icon that has a world and an sideways 8 sign. Make sure the link goes in the dialog box that opens up.

Thats it!

Stealth - anytime, my Jon Bon Jovi stalking friend!

Mimzie - I thought so!

Jay - If you stalked me... I wouldn't worry because I have a feeling you couldn't find canada on a map anyways :P

DrowseyMonkey said...

very cool! congrats & thank you! :)

I gotta check out this love thingy...hmmm...

DrowseyMonkey said...

oh...and you do deserve the award! You self-described ass you.

DrowseyMonkey said...

lol...just read your love entry...and I love you too! ;)

Very well put Mike.

Anonymous said...

I did it!!! I am getting more Tech Savvy!!! Todah!


moooooog35 said...


That's Spanish for "Thank you."

It's either "Thank You" or "Eat Gerbils," - I'm not sure as Spanish isn't my strong suit.

Anyway, in English:


Cyberpunk said...

thanks for the award, Mike :D

I had no idea you had a romantic side. So sweet :D

Hungry Mother said...

Thanks. Good list (not just 'cause I'm on it).