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Monday, November 5, 2007

A forum for bloggers

When cruizing my blogs, I notice there are three types of blog responses

  1. Short, too the point and not needing any more.
  2. The commentor needs more room and really good discussions could spin off, if the software would allow it.
  3. A shit post just for the commentor to get their name up in a shitty attempt at shameless self promotion

The number three type is just horseshit. The number one and two types are awesome. But it was the number two that got me thinking. How to add more power to the posts?

Then it occured to me that a blog forum could really help. What if you stumble across a really good, influential and controversial blog topic you want to discuss at depth? Take it to this online forum and discuss it with your peers!

It's not like it hasn't been done before, there are all sorts of them out there. But I do have some webspace available till february, and should this take off i'd extend it. So, with that in mind, I've created a small test forum for blog talking. Check it out:

Would this be something you would use? If so, would you like to be a part of it? It would need volunteers for brainstorming and moderation, ideas for domain names, etc. etc.

I'd really like some opinions on this, and if you could spread the word around and have any questions or comments come back into me, via this forum, that would be great!

Thanks all!

7 keen observations:

DrowseyMonkey said...

Cool idea. I used to join in the discussions at blogcatalog once in a while, but the newness wore off and I stopped doing that. I'd consider dropping by from time to time tho...good luck if you go with it.

Emmy said...

You forgot one, someone who comments because they enjoy your page and they want to share the love ;) oh and stalkers ;)

Hungry Mother said...

Very good idea if a critical mass of users is gathered. Then, boom, success.

Mike said...

Blogcatalog discussions forums aren't as powerful or nice to look at as PHPBB, so I think drowsey if this gets going it might hold your interest a little longer.

You're right emmy, I forgot about the stalkers! I love stalkers!

Hungry, I'm thinking that besides the regular directory submissions, a blogcatalog group could be started and members recruited, with a link pointing back to the real forum. This idea will work if we get enough bloggers liking it, participating in it and adding it to their blog roll. It's also a moving target and more forums can be added as the need and interest is called for.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for it to get started!

Mike said...

@Mimzie - It has. I think i'll leave it as the addy, as it won't cost me more money at this time.

again, thats What do you think?

Would anyone be willing to put it in their blog roll should I decide to promote it? And offer any suggestions for improvement?

Anonymous said...

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