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Monday, October 15, 2007

A whole new direction

Ok, I think I like this blogging thing. And I think I might take this into a whole new direction.

I have some internet space from a dried up project called I think I might move this to that webspace and buy a new domain name. I'll be using wordpress, as wordpress is a very very nice WSYIWYG editor that allows me to create new internet pages without having to know HTML.

That means this blog will become more powerful, more fun, and just for Mimzie, more politically incorrect. Plus, i'll have all sorts of cool things like an online forum, a cool categorized links page and a few other things.

Wordpress allows you to import blogspot blogs, so I won't lose my 20 posts here, and as far as blog promotion i've only been at this for two weeks, I can start over.

Any suggestions for a domain name, and a site name?

Oh, and directed at Tan, this means I can save the DD forum, but I think it'll be a little scaled down and simplified.

Opinions, suggestions for site content?

5 keen observations:

TanNinety said...

You could make the DD umm may be scaled down to Religion, Science, Paranormal sections.

Site name, how about""

Mike said...

you know, I almost got insulted with Then I thought about it. That's really, really, really good!

TanNinety said...

Isn't it?

But why the heck did ya get insulted ..err or almost?

Mike said...

LOL sorry man, I didn't, it was a bad attempt at a joke.

I've never heard of .US before... is it a USA site ending?

tanninety said...

Yearp, .us is the us of a. It would have been fun if there was a .uk, we could have made it but unfortunately I think it is instead.