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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Lousy telemarketers!

It's inevitable. Just as you're sitting down to dinner, or your favorite show comes on, the telephone rings. You answer it, because it might be a work emergency, or a family emergency, or that girl you're chasing has FINALLY come to her senses and wants to tell you she's coming over with whipped cream and a caseload of condoms.

But no, it's not any of the above, it's the dreaded TELEMARKETER!

Telemarketer (in east Indian accent):Hello, is Mr./Mrs. (insert last name) there?
Me: Who's asking?
TM:(In poor english) This is Frank Smith calling and I'd like to tell you about how you can save much money on long distance telephone calls!

At this point I'm wondering how much it's costing him to call me from Bombay?

Many people have different ways of dealing with telemarketers. Some simply hang up, others swear. This poor guy is just doing his job, so I generally try to be polite. On my end of the line, usually you hear "No.. no.. uh.. ah.. no thanks.. ok but.. no... no..... hey.... no... ok.... thanks anyways....bye... no... listen, hey, um... no.... just not... ok.... bye.. BYE!"

I came across this telemarketer prank. It was SUCH genious that I just had to share with everybody. I'd try it next telemarketer, but with my luck it would backfire and I'd end up in jail. Anyways, enjoy, I know I did. Laughed so hard it made me spit milk through my nose..... and I wasn't even drinking milk!

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5 keen observations:

Cyberpunk said...

yeah it's kind of hard to be rude to those telemarketers, since they're only doing their job...good luck on the prank :D

Mike said...

I felt sorry for the kid on the other end of the line... but hella funny though!

Anonymous said...

I have no tolerance for TMs. I know they are just doing their job but maybe they should find another job!

TanNinety said...

I usually do the "hello ..Hello ..HELLO ..I can't hear you" (Click) routine. But seriously, you need Caller ID.

Uri Kalish said...

Sooo funny!