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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Lesbians - A quick one for saturday

Friends of my family have a daughter that decided to jump the fence, play for the other team, go for her own kind, bury her face in the rug permanently.... if you don't get my drift she likes other women.

During the last federal election, it was abundantly clear that the Conservatives, Canada's left winger party, were going to attain power according to the running
polls. One of the campaign promises was that they were going to abolish the legal right for gays to be married, which spurred many, many rushed gay and lesbian marriages. The family friend's daughter was among them, and she was married to her huswife, Amanda. For those of you who care, the conservative party did attain minority power. The gay lesbian marriage right was put to parliament vote, and parliament voted to keep allowing everybody the right to marriage, as it should be.

Now, Amanda is your typical bull dyke. She's HUGE, her shoulders are big and square, her hair is also square and short, and stands at attention, her arms bristle with manly like muscle and she's got facial hair that teenage boys would die for. She's DEFINITELY the husband in that marriage.

Being a County employee and the mischievous jerk that I am, I went crawling through the County records and found their wedding license. I found that her name was not spelled Amanda. It was a very different spelling that made perfect sense. Ready for this?


If you didn't get that, just give it a minute to sink in.

I hope nobody expected ever single one of my blogs to be PC!

5 keen observations:

Cyberpunk said...

i am half a homophobe. i don't have any problem with gay men, but dykes scare me.

anyway, the spelling seems appropriate :D

Mike said...

dykes only scare me if they are bull dykes.

Come on, if two hot lesbians showed up at your doorstep buck naked and offered to be the bread to your meat in a hot sandwich, would you say no?

Anonymous said...

PC blogs suck! UnPC blogs rule!!! GIVE ME MORE UN-PC CRAP!!!!

Mike said...

Oh, I think I'll get more UN PC as we go along ;)

Anonymous said...

What exactly is PC, anyway?

This is just plain rude.
Huswife--give me a break. Again, there's nothing PC or un-PC about calling people names; it's just rude. Is it okay to call a black person a nigger if you're just joking around about him or her? No, didn't think so.

Come back to us when you actually meet and get to know some lesbians, and some gay men too for that matter! Then you can knowledgeably make fun of them if that's what yu'd like to do.

And yes, for the record, I do have fun, and I do think people are funny and worth making fun of. I just don't like rude comments about groups of people; we're all individuals.