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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Bad Joke Tuesday

I'm really short on time today, so I'll just leave ya'll with a couple of bad jokes, K?

A panda was arrested in New York City for murder the other day. Allegedly, this panda went into a restaurant, ate some food, shot the waiter and left.

When asked by the police why he did it, he responded "that's what panda's do." When questioned further, he explained, "Hey, I'm a domesticated panda. I grew up in a rich home, and when I got too big to handle, they let me loose. Not knowing what panda's do, I looked it up. The first thing I saw in the book was 'panda's eat shoots and leaves'."


A woman went into a doctors office complaining that her thighs were green. He looked, and indeed they were. He did test upon test, looked in medical book after medical book, and could not find a reason why they were green. Otherwise, she was in excellent health.

Upon reflecting for a while, he turned and asked the woman, "Are you dating a Gypsy man?"

"Why yes, I am" exclaimed the woman, "why do you ask?"

"Tell him his ear rings aren't made of real gold," said the doctor.


3 keen observations:

DrowseyMonkey said...

groan....LOL (but I still laughed).

I'v just awarded you. If you'd like to pick-up your award check out my blog.

Mike said...


I said it on your site and I'll say it on mine, you are the woman!

DrowseyMonkey said...

Yes...I am so the woman! :)