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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I've decided

Spazoid's Blog will be re-opened. Sometime in the near future. With it's own domain name. And using word press.

I hate blogger. It can suck my kiss.

Two thoughts:


Comments, likes, suggestions?

Also, how's this for a catchphrase: Social Commentary with a Side of Flatulence.

Comments likes, suggestions?

I'm open!

13 keen observations:

Quinn said...

Exactly how open are you?

moooooog35 said...

How 'bout:


By the way, it also says you're wide open on the wall in the men's room.

Hungry Mother said...

1. SpazSays

2. Farting in your general direction

Glad you're on the way back.

Vyolet said...

I like the catchphrase. Eloquent!

I still think

Oh! Oh!, you know, cos you totally sing Xanadu all the time.

Zaaann-a-dooooo-woooo (Now we are here)
In Zaaann-a-dooooooooo
Your neon lights will shine for you, Xanadu!

Seriously though, what is it with you and all the circa 1980's posters of Olivia Newton-John?

OH! OH! If she kills of the new hubby she could marry you and change her name to Olivia Newton-Spaz! Just like in your diary!

I would so object to the union! No way her cowel could battle with yours.

'In breaking news, Olivia Newton-Spaz, formally Newton-John' was found ass-phyxiated in the honeymoon suite. Investigators have taken her new husbands arse in for questioning.'


PS: Hey, at least I made Quinn laugh!

Jessica said...

Yay!! :) I'm beginning to hate blogger myself! I!

Meghan said...

Slick said...

I like the mindofspaz myself.

Not that I'd ever want to get trapped in the shit smelly mind of course... ;)

I like that name though!

TanNinety said...

Always here to give you some useless help!

Catch phrase: Making poo since 1978 (you are 30 y/o geezer aren't you with a vulture circling your horizon?)

Technodoll said...

"with a side of flatulence"


You never disappoint, that's for sure :-D

Iron Pugilist said...

Mindofspaz sounds interesting

Vyolet said...

Knight said...

Not Wordpress! You know, I only hate wordpress because I don't like looking at all those ugly images they randomly put next to comments. Any way you can alter it to always be a steaming pile of poo?
You should go with Spaztic;.com

I would also like to give Hungry Mother an appreciative nod for the Monty Python reference.

Knight said...

I mean spaztic:
a spastic semi colon doesn't make sense at all.