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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I'm Done

.......For now.

This blog is something I enjoy, something I use to blow off steam, something I use for a creative outlet.

And I notice there's about 4 of you who have stuck with this thing, even as it has gone downhill to utter, total, and unequivocal crap.
And of course I'm a comment whore (thanks guys), because I appreciate the feedback. Anyone who says they ONLY blog for the sheer personal enjoyment of writing is full of crap. If that were true, microsoft word would be their only writing medium.

I used to spend time on posts. I would develop an idea and take it far into the depths of gross that only the people with the best senses of humour could stand to read and comment on.

As of late my time to spend here has dwindled to nothing, due to the time spent on another project.

I would rather post nothing than post crap, because posting crap isn't enjoyable for me, and it isn't enjoyable for you, my faithful skeleton fan crew.

I'm taking a break.

Thanks to my faithful who have stuck with this trash over the last 205 posts. I'll be back.

In a while.

And hopefully improved, or at the very least back to my former glory of utter ineptitude.

Later peoples.

P.S. - Don't think I'm giving up on you. I'm still whoring up my faves ;)

19 keen observations:

Jessica said...

Aw, will miss you! Come back when you can. You are very funny, I love reading your posts.

Vyolet said...


Where will I go for quality poo humour?


Mike said...

Jessica - I'm not planning on abandoning it - i'm planning on coming back strong and better than ever.

Vy - No worries. You got me on MSN, you got me on email, and I understand you may even be coming to Canada to scope stuff out next year, so you can have me in person.

Wait. That last one sounded bad.

Or good, depending on the context.

And notice I didn't say Quinn.... let's not set him up for too much disappointment ;)

moooooog35 said...

Vyolet: Come see me. I got your poo humor in oodles.

Oodles of poo.

Now with Retsin!

Mike: Thanks for your continual whoring. Whores are the best.

Be good. See you around.

Mike said...

mooooooooooooooooooog: whenever I poo, I'll think of you.

It'll probably be around the same size, too ;)

Miss P said...

Don't do that! I may not comment often but I read avidly!
Stay, dammit, and entertain us...

*flutters lashes* Please?

Miss Milk said...

:( Don't forget to come back!

Anonymous said...

OH YEAH AND I LIKE YOU BEING MY WHORE!! You better bring your ass back after your break!!

I know I can chat with you at anytime! You are my HERO!!!!!

See ya in my comments and on messenger!!!!


Technodoll said...

As long as you still stick around reading our crap while you regain your mojo, i happy.

Well, as much as I can be in my blah humdrum state lately.

Looking forward to the ... new Mike :-)

Mike said...

miss P - I'll be back. Not in the Arnold way either. I may not have the muscles but I got the brain cells!

milk - I forgot what I had for breakfast. And that was only an hour ago. Damned old age.

Ne - I like being your whore. It's fun. I'm going to do it more often ;)

technodoll - danka, everybody needs to recharge their mojo.

Meghan said...

Take the time you need. I look forward to when you're back and even grosser than ever :P

There goes blog flirting. Sigh.

The Divine Miss M said...

Dude I know the feeling!

Though I might not always comment I do read, look forward to seeing you again! ):)

Don said...

Ok looking forward to your return. Chill and show teh lulz!

Mike said...

Guys thank you so much for all the well wishes.

I have a question.....

Think of a domain name that you think would be good for me.

What do you think I should go for?

I'll be reopening with a much nicer and more powerful wordpress blog cuz I still got oodles and oodles of bandwidth I'm not using for my other project.`

Hungry Mother said...

I'll check in from time to time to catch you when you return. Have fun during the time off.

Slick said...

LOL damn Mike, your comment to Moooog had me in stitches.

See, you gotta reconsider, dude!

Knight said...

I am refusing to accept this and will continue visiting anyway.

Tink said...


Did I break the blog?

Drop a line now and again, will ya?

Vyolet said...