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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Those Australians

This post is dedicated to my Aussie friends. Why? I don't know why. Something I just thought of.

There are many reasons why I like Australians.

I like their accents. Especially the thick ones. Have you ever been to the dentist and he's given you so much novacaine that your lips and tongue
are completely frozen and numb? When I'm like that, I have a thick Aussie accent.

Also, they think this is a Bear.

Haha! Cute.

The most popular celebrity out of Australia was some dood who liked pissing off dangerous animals by shoving his thumb up their arse, CRIKEY! Oh, there is boobs. I mean Nicole Kidman. Is she from Australia or South Africa? Whatever, boobs are boobs.

I like the fact that they think 18 degrees celcius is cold. Seriously, I'm wearing shorts, T-Shirts and sandals. They're looking at me like I'm 'tarded from behind their boots and trench coats. Huh.

But mostly I like their adoption/abortion policy. If you don't want your baby you just get a dingo to eat it.

Cheers to my Aussie friends!!

10 keen observations:

moooooog35 said...

Now I want to go to Outback Steakhouse.

Actually, I wanted to do that before reading this.

Hungry Mother said...

I love their lusty beer drinking and camaraderie.

Technodoll said...

I want a dingo.

So I was engaged to an Ozzie, he went back home after a few years cuz the winters were killin' him.

Ozzies are wussies.

Jessica said...

I swear the sexiest guys come from Australia!

Miss Milk said...

Hee hee. :) I like this post, even if it's a tad ignorant. You know Mr Irwin wasn't half as popular in Australia, right? He was just popular in Americaland.


You wouldn't be belittling that drop bear if you could see its fangs. Or if it was launching itself from a tree to your neck.

And 18 degrees is COLD.

The End.

Mike said...

Mooooog: Shrimp on a barbie.. hey... wouldn't that be like you screwing pam anderson?

Hungry - it's good place to visit during their winter when it's 20 degrees C.

technodoll - and you would have melted there.

Jessica - I guess, I'm not too good at judging guys ;)

Milk: You should know by now that you don't get the last word: you just ignore my last comment.

Go google "grizzly bear" "black bear" or "polar bear" to see what a real bear actually is ;)

Also, it's 12 degrees outside and I don't yet have my furnace on. See technodoll above.

Anonymous said...

LOL!! MIke! This is why I always come to your page when I need a pick me up! or a drink one!

I love Aussie men! but anywhooooo!

I made it through the posts I missed! hope you are doing alright! and I am wearing shorts also! but it is a tad chilly!


C.Rag said...

There's nothing like a penal colony.

Miss Milk said...

Mike, you're crazy. Just crazy.
Those bears can look pretty cute too. Our bears just have awesome noses.

... America was also a penal colony. Why does everyone overlook that?

Knight said...

Did that woman in the movie Grease come from the land down under?