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Friday, June 6, 2008

It wasn't his fault.

It wasn't his fault.

That's the only thing I could think of when animal control lead him away.

It wasn't his fault.

We found him early this morning, hanging outside the offices. He was dusty, dirty, and hot. It appeared he'd been hanging around for sometime.

I held him by collar in the legal department and fed him some water from an empty cool whip container. He didn't have tags on. The ladies in legal searched the municipal database for a dog that matched his description, but to no avail.

The local animal control had to be called.

He sat with me at my desk, tongue hanging out and panting. He yearned to be petted, and when I did so I was rewarded with a lick, with a paw on my arm, and with a stare from his brown eyes, so full of soul and life.

And his fate was likely sealed when he was lead away.

I can't take him, I wish I could. Nobody in the city could take him.

You see, this friendly, handsome animal is part pit bull.

It was a sad series of events. It was because of a few bad owners who mistreated and mistrained their dogs. A few children got bit. Shrill shrieks and cries were aimed at city council, and in typical fashion council responded with a bullshit knee jerk by-law.

Now, every and all pit bulls are dangerous animals. Any pit bull, or any dog with pit bull in him. Regardless of a good owner, regardless of a decade of docile behavior, they were dangerous.

Registration costs soared to $250.00 yearly. Signs had to be put up on your property advising of a "dangerous animal." You can no longer breed them, and should they step outside your house they have to be muzzled. Lord help you if they get off your property and poop on your neighbors lawn.

My dog danced away, being lead by animal control to a new and exciting adventure, not knowing his fate was most likely death. I wish I could take him, but I cannot afford the stigma attached. Nobody can.

More people get bitten by retrievers and labs. Chiwawa's are naturally meaner. But it does not matter. A powerful dog being raised by a few criminally negligent people, and the entire breed must suffer for it. Innocent dogs are dying because of it.

The politicians that govern my city are nothing but filthy cowards vying for votes. They are murderers.

I want to scream, I want to put my fist though the wall. I want to put a stake through the heart of the cowardly politicians that pushed the by-law through. I want to eviscerate the asshole dog owners that abused their dogs until they became dangerous. I want to bring about justice for all the good dog owners who were unfairly separated from a loyal and faithful companion. I want justice for all the good dogs who's only crime wasn't their fault, but who paid for it anyways.

It wasn't his fault, it was ours.

But he's paying the price.

11 keen observations:

Pusher Robot said...


Jessica said...

Poor baby, it's definitely not his fault. :(

Anonymous said...

That is so so mean!! I am sorry I know you are down about this because you are a animal lover and all!!!

I agree with you on all of this!!!

IT Wasn't His fault!!!


Lakota said...


Meghan said...

Powerful post and topic. I'm sorry.

C.Rag said...

I had to stop reading this post. Pit bulls are extremely sweet loyal dogs. It's us who turn them into biting killing dogs.

My Ma rescued a puppy from the side of the road that was part pit bull. Her vet put hound boxer mix on her papers so there wouldn't be any problems. She's the sweetest dog I've ever had the privilege to pet.

Black Cat said...

That's so sad:-(

Iron Pugilist said...

My condolences.

Miss Milk said...

Tragic. :( :(

They should reverse the system and cull the negligent owners. Ha!

Jo said...

It's so very sad. I wish you could've kept him. The last time I was at the pound I couldn't stop crying.

Instead of punishing the breed, they ought to really crack down on all the asshats who mistreat animals.

Anonymous said...

Poor little puppy.