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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tickle me comic

Have you ever run into a comic that for whatever reason, makes you laugh until your sides split and your spleen comes out of the hole and takes a look around?

Here is one that I found today. Please enjoy, and make tsk tsk noises and talk about my fragile psyche that would make me laugh at such a horrible thing while I fashion a lasso out of my small intestine to rope my spleen back in.

12 keen observations:

tanninety said...

You're in my prayers!

Mike said...

Hey now, at least you can pray to MY god!

Hungry Mother said...

Nice way to come out of the construction zone.

Mike said...

Thanks Hungry, it's not done yet.

Hope you likei t.

billymac said...

theme looks good!

Mike said...

Thanks Billy!

To make this work I actually had to learn how to manipulate the code. Still can't write it, but you'd be surprised at how easy it is to manipulate.

All images on the code are hosted elsewhere, so for example, want to change a picture? Replace their hosting location with a picture of yours in your hosting location (ensuring that the sizes match) and presto bingo, you have an insane stamp instead of some car.

Widths and colours are the same, change the number beside *px on code that says "background" or something and your theme is wider.

Course everything else is out of whack when you do that so you have to play around. I'll be doing lots of playing.

tanninety said...

I refuse to pray to Jessica!

< mike >
Jessica Alba
< / mike >

How's that for code?

Anonymous said...

I sometimes feel like "Fat-Worthless-Boy" or whatever his name was.

You're right though, that's freaking hysterical. I mean, not as hysterical as Tanninety's coding but close.

Mike said...


Jessica is pregnant and it's not my child. WHORE!!!!!!

Mimzie: Show me a person who hasn't felt like that and I'll show you a narcissist.

tanninety said...

Dudeeee! It just means that Jess got promoted to MILF from GILF ;-)

Also pregnancy is a boon to the boobies, imagine bigger and ..yeah ..I think I'm getting carried away.

The twins are doing good.

Mike said...

Come on tan, you should know that when she gets pregnant, it's no longer a pussy. It's a birth canal, and that means you can't go near it ;)

DrowseyMonkey said...

Seriously, I don't get your sense of humour. But your blog looks fabuloussss.