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Sunday, December 2, 2007

My blog rating, Part 2

Here we go, in an attempt to increase my blog rating to something more deserving of the person I actually am.

Holey fucking hell, what the fuck is up with this fucking shit? I mean come FUCKING on, don't you fucking tell me that my shitty fucking whore hole of a mother fucking penis blog doesn't deserve a cunt juice rated fucking R motherfucking rating?

If these twat suckers don't give me a hole dipping twat slapping R fucking rating after this whore sucking anus fucking shit then I'll slap my penis upside of their fuckholes until they drown in my love juice. I mean, what the hell is the fucking meaning of this shit for brains website anyways? Are they giant penis lovers or is my fucking eye socket just another hump hole for would be pervert rapists?

Seriously, what the fuck. Why the hell would you expose little kids to ipecac puking, farting, csi brantfording, abortion ranting, fucking ranting in fucking general? Who the fuck are these ass licking motherfuckers and what the hell to they fucking know about rating mother fucking website, I ASK YOU MOTHERFUCKER!


Thank you.

2 keen observations:

Anonymous said...

Not to mention the totally hot MILF with excellent titties. That one got a laugh out of me.


Your Sister

Mark Dykeman, The Uncanny Broadcasting Brain said...

I heard a radio news story today about cursing. Apparently a nun spoke to her class about the words that were not to be said. Oddly enough, she said them all alound. Even more strange, she did not get vaporized in a bolt of lightning.