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Friday, October 19, 2007

A new look

It occurred to me, that the black wasn't all that easy on the eyes. So I changed templates.

Any thoughts? Compliments? Suggestions? Derogatory statements that have nothing to do with the subject at hand?

Do tell!

4 keen observations:

tanninety said...

Much better. I've seen bright yellow pages with faint green font. It's a friggin website for cryinoutloud not an optical illusion. I usually do a "select all" which makes the text more readable. But your black background with white foreground wasn't that bad.

Stealth said...

Looks great!

Cyberpunk said...

i'm one of those people who use BTOD (black template of doom), so i'm partial towards a black eyes are weird, i get eyestrain with white backgrounds...

anyway, it's your blog, so it's your call :D

Mike said...

Thanks Tan, I think a simple white is much better on the eyes and will make things easier to read.

Thanks for the compliment, stealth.

I hear you cyber, I personally like the BTOD but i've actually had one complaint about it already. I think it looks good and if it's better for the majority of readers, then it's better for me, too.