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Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Absurdity of Homophobia

Proof positive of a small mind is homophobia. It matters not if you're homophobic because of religious reasons or you feel somehow threatened by gays or whatever. It is stupid, it is wrong, and you should be bitch slapped for it.

I can proudly say I am not homophobic. Yes, I make fun of gay people, but I make fun of straight people and stupid people and smart people and... well you get the drift. If you're alive and breathing you're a target of good fun, and hey, SO AM I.

I will let you in on a dark, guarded secret of mine. I was once a homophobic. You see, I grew up in a small town. Small towns have a small mentality, and part of that is a rejection of anything that they don't feel is the norm. It was beaten into me as a small child that fags are horrid abominations of nature and should be chastised and beaten. The only good fag was a dead fag. Of course, if you didn't feel that way, then by default you MUST be homosexual, you dirty cock smoking faggot!

I was the victim of indoctrination. It wasn't religious indoctrination but it was just as powerful and effective. I was indoctrinated into the mindset of hate fags.

It wasn't until the first year of college that I came to the startling realization I so badly needed. It came from a man named Jamie.

Jamie was a small guy, of short stature, dark skinned and a great sense of humour. He lived on the same floor of residence as I did, and I took an instant liking to him as most people did. He joked around, always had the right thing to say at the right moment. He liked sports, he loved beer, and he was quick to punch his male buddies on the shoulder as males tend to do when bonding.

In short, he was the typical, all around good guy. He was just like me and any of the other guys, whats more, he was the POPULAR guy. Then, everything changed, at least for me. He came out. I was in shock, I was stunned. How could this all around man's man be gay? Where was his lisp? Why didn't he prance around in dresses and wear make up and hold his wrist limply?

When he came out, he said he couldn't be living this lie any more, that he had to tell us so he could get on with his life, with himself. He said he was so scared to tell us for fear of becoming the outcast and black sheep of residence. He was afraid that he would lose all of his friends and have nobody.

This man had BALLS. He risked everything he had in the social circle, and maybe even some hate beatings, to come out, to live his life like he is want to do. You know what? NOTHING CHANGED. Everybody was accepting. Nobody cared what his sexual preference was, and life continued as normal, but perhaps with a tinge more respect for this brave man than before.

It was then I came to the realization that I'm glad I came to. Jamie was just like me. He was no different. He has the same sense of humour, he liked the same things, we were still friends. The only difference was, he likes guys sexually, and I like girls sexually.

So tell me, who's business is it what two consenting adults do behind closed doors? Homosexual or heterosexual, NOBODIES but those consenting adults.

Homophobia is childish, it's immature, and it is the sign of a stupid and weak mind. I was once homophobic, and I am ashamed of that. But I am not like that anymore. I grew up, and I hope someday the homophobics of the world can do the same.

5 keen observations:

Cyberpunk said...

like i've said previously, i'm half a homophobe...but i agree with this post :)

i guess it's not really a question of how comfortable you are with someone else's sexual preference, but of respect...i'm not comfy with dykes, but i respect them and treat them the same way i treat everyone else...but i don't like some people, even if they're straight...

Mike said...

I think you're onto something, cyberpunk.

To be fair, the thought of personally having sex with a man makes me sick to my stomach. So does the thought of having sex with a midget, or someone covered in poo. However, what two consenting adults do behind closed doors is their own business, as I've said.

What I do have a problem with is when people take things into public that should remain private. Whether it's a straight couple sucking face and feeling each other up on a park bench near a playground, or homosexuals in a gay pride parade wearing nothing but leather crotchless pants with their balls swinging around doing second base things out on the middle of the road. Respect works all ways.

Someone's sexuality should have NO bearing on any other aspect of their life, or how they are treated by others, unless they MAKE it that way.

By the way, why are you particularly uncomfortable with dykes? Personally, I think two women going at it is pretty damned hot, and I'd love to help out! I guess that's just my own bias!

And cyberpunk, I can honestly say that of the people I dislike, the majority of them are straight. Course, the majority of people I know are straight.

Anonymous said...

I heart all gay people!!!

Emmy said...

Thank you so much for this post. If only the world was on your line of thinking it would be a better place for everyone. :)

Maria said...

I love this post! It's so thoughtful and thought-provoking.

This is the 3rd commnent that I've posted today, and the third with a question. Definitely lemme know if the question part is annoying and/or pretentious, and I'll tell you to go hump a canine, then prompty stop asking questions. LOL

"What I do have a problem with is when people take things into public that should remain private. " I've always wondered about this. How do we know what "should remain private" and what shouldn't? Personally, I don't give a flying whop what anyone does out in the street, but every time I ask one of my friends what the big deal is, they throw around the word "respect." What's respect got to do with limiting your range of actions? Seriously. I'm totally in the dark on this.