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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Introduce the candidates

Well, election day is finally here. For all of us who live in Ontario, it's time to vote your favorite candidate in. Will we re elect liberal Dalton McGuinty? Or will we have a progressive conservative John Tory taking the helm? Maybe NDP Howard Hampton will take the reigns or green party hopeful Frank De Jong. Myself, I'm waffling between McGuinty and Tory. I really don't know yet, probably won't till I get to the polls.

The candidates themselves? Well many describe it as selecting the lesser evil. You have to make informed choices on the core values of the candidates. Liberal leaders want equality for all, conservative want tax dollars better spent. The green party wants cleaner water, air and soil at the sacrifice of the economy, and the NDP want more money given to the Canadian workforce at the expense of the economy (except they don't know that their plans will destroy it).

But really, it boils down to whose face you like the best. With that in mind, here are the candidates pictures, and really, a picture says a thousand words. I hope looking at them might give you a better understanding as to what they are really all about.

On s
econd thought, is this guy running? He's probably better than all of them.

Anyways, let's all go out and vote. Because if we don't, we don't have a right
to bitch about how much of a loser the other guy that got in was!

2 keen observations:

Henry Wiltcher said...

Whose not who's. Just letting you know. :) I know I have mistakes in my blog but I wasn't sure if you noticed that one.

Mike said...

Thanks Henry, much appreciated.

All fixed.

Say, you turning into a grammar and spelling nazi like Owl? ;)