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Monday, September 24, 2007

Let's get right to it... ABORTION!


Ok, did I get your attention? I hope so.

Might as well start off big on my first post, right?

Not too long ago, I was driving in my clapped out 1994 Mazda truck with my little pup in the back, on our way to the river for a walk and a dip. It was a hot summer day and both of us were looking forward to the water. I was in a good mood and so was the pup (well, she's always in a good mood), until I saw something that put a damper on my chuckles.

Passing the hospital, there were people walking up and down the sidewalk holding anti-abortion signs in full fledged protest. Ugh, another protest.

EVERYBODY is entitled to their opinion. On this subject, some are pro choice, others pro life. Fine and dandy, on this little ethical dilema there are people who fall both ways.

The thing that makes me angry is who do these people think they are? Do they know why a mother might make that kind of choice for her and her child? Will the baby be born normal, and adopted to a good family? Will it be born horribly disfugured and live out the next two years of it's life in horrible agony before it asphixiates itself on its own bile and mucous?

Do they consider the gut renching and agonizing feelings of the mother who's doing this? Do they need to add to it?

I've seen these people physically accost others on the street, which is uncalled for. This same mentality is the one that drives bombings of abortion doctors and clinics. I guess it's not okay for the death of a fetus but it's ok to kill doctors and members of the public with collateral damage? Pure hypocrisy.

Talking of hypocrisy, i'm wondering how many babies these demonstrators have adopted themselves? How many babies with severe mental and phsyical deformaties have they adopted?

Everybody is entitled to their opinion, but for fucks sake, abortion activists, could you consider ALL details and find a more constructive way to get your OPINION across?

Thanks, the world will be a better place if you do.

4 keen observations:

cm said...

I wonder how many "pro-lifers" are pro-death penalty and pro-war? Hypocrites, really. Abortion is not a religious cause, nor a political cause. It is a matter of public health. Women have been inducing abortions for millenia - often to disasterous results - the untimely death of the LIVING woman. Do we want to got back to this? Or would you prefer to watch the 11 o'clock news to see yet another woman kill her LIVING child/ren out of despiration because for some reason killing a living, breathing, innocent child is more rightous that having an abortion? Pretty warped if you ask me.

Mike said...

Abortion is both a religious cause, and a political cause, AND a matter of public health.

Christians especially believe that life and a 'soul' is created at the moment of conception, so that abortion is an especially heinous crime to them. Many of the bombings and assaults are by the religious who have no clarity of thought and take action based only on emotion.

For a woman to feel no other option than to be forced to do a back room abortion with a vacuum and clothes hanger is horrid. The persecution shown by these ingrates is inexcusable.

I wonder if these protesters know that natural abortions happen more often than not? A woman will become pregnant, and the body will reject the developing fetus because of some problem 3 out of 4 conceptions. It will simply be flushed out, hundreds of cells strong, in their next period. They will NEVER know. And most DON'T know.

At the same point in time, someone having an abortion as a result of lack of thought or the inability to take responsibility for their actions is also inexusable. Abortions are not something handed out like candy, the circumstances are warrented ONLY in the extreme.

Anonymous said...

I am pro life! Any woman can do whatever they want to do with their bodies it is not my right to say.

A lot of women have abortions and use it as a form of birth control. That right that makes me sick! I better hush before you throw me off your blog! LOL!!


Maria said...

I read several of your blogs and I really enjoy the logic you employ in your thought processing. Reading your entries brings me back to my days as an honors philosophy student at university (a brilliant, idealistic time!), and I thank you for that!

I wonder, though, when you say "someone having an abortion as a result of lack of thought or the inability to take responsibility for their actions is ... inexusable", what do you believe constitutes "lack of thought"? Or "the inability to take responsibility"?

Consider the following example: A fifteen year-old, low-income female insists on using condoms every time she has sex. She uses them the correct way, yet still gets pregnant. Does she, in your opinion, have the right to an abortion?

I bring it up because it was my favorite pro-choice argument from my medical ethics class; also, I am very liberal in my politics and support the right of any woman to abort their fetus.