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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Herbal Essences -BULL!

Want to talk about false advertising? Let's talk about herbal essences shampoo.

All these people on the shampoo commercials having veritable ORGASMS when using this shampoo. "Great", I think, I can start the day off with a bang.

I tried it and I'm telling you, I haven't been this disappointed since I found out what the 'oral care' aisle at Shoppers Drug Mart was REALLY about.

Herbal Essences is JUST A SHAMPOO PEOPLE! Nobody will think you're having sex in the shower when you lather up.

Just what kind of marketing campaign is this anyways? Does Herbal Essences really think people will buy their shampoo again after failing to achieve the big "O" just by lathering up? Oh, maybe I need to buy the conditioner as well to make me cum!

But really, maybe it only works if your a woman. After all, I've only ever seen women on the T.V. having earth shattering orgasms from applying this shampoo. Maybe they just need to make a man version of it. Hey, guess what! Here's what it would be like if they did!

That probably explains why they don't have a man shampoo.... nothing would ever get done and the hydro bill would be through the roof.

Their newest commercial features their hair colour. A skinny woman with perfect hair puts a lit match to the fire alarm and the alarm goes off. Three seconds later a good looking fire fighter wearing no garb gently knocks at the door and she opens the door to see him. Blame the hair colour they say.

Here is what would really happen. She would be fat and ugly. The alarm would be forced on and a fat, middle aged fireman would break the door down wearing full garb and respirators. Later, she'd be arrested for nuisance calling and wasting the officers time.

I hope nobody takes these commercials too seriously, or this post!

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