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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Storage of Water - Plastic or Glass?

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Samby from India writes:

Which are better... Plastic containers or Glass ?? Or is the same? For general day to day home storage.

Hi Samby, thank you for the question.

If it relates to long term water storage, than either plastic or glass is ok, provided you are able to properly pasteurize and seal the container. Please read this article from a similar question I got a while ago:

There is another concern with plastics, as certain plastics contain bisphenol A that can leach out into your drinking water. Studies are ongoing, and the amounts of this chemical leached into drinking water are very small.  If it is a problem, it certainly is a chronic long term issue and not an acute on. Please read this article I wrote a while back on bisphenol A and plastics:

One final comment on this issue, and it is a personal one.  At home, I most prefer to drink water directly from the tap. However, if I were to store water at home for later use (such as in your refrigerator) I find that water from a glass container has a much better taste than from a plastic container.

However, if you were to take water with you on the go, glass is not your most friendly option.  Plastic does not shatter like glass does.  Stainless steel bottles are another popular option nowadays, but an expensive one.

I hope this answers your question.  Please let me know if you need further clarifications or have another question.

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