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Friday, December 21, 2007

Advertising on your Blog

From viewing the various blogs on my day to day blog jaunts, I notice a common theme. Most of us do it as it just seems to make sense. We all try to earn money from our blogs.

It makes SENSE. Most of the people that write blogs are just ordinary, everyday people who are trying to keep families afloat and make ends meet. Normal people running normal lives paying normal bills and being raped by all sorts of nice government taxes. Especially if you're Canadian, like I am. For some reason they seem fit to take half my pay cheque with various devious plots. And really, god forbid if you break a bone or somehow lodge a '79 Buick bumper through your pelvis. You're in the emergency waiting room for weeks! But I digress.

Most of you, especially those of us who have blogspot accounts, run google ads. I would like to say one thing about google. WTF? What the HECK do you have to do to even get a few pennies? Do you have to have the entire WORLD visit your blog? Ok Mr. Blogger, you got 250 page impressions and 4 ad clicks today, so that'll be..... multiply by.... carry the one.... move the decimal place.... $0.0005 cents! Congratulations, sometime in the year 3,000 we'll mail you a cheque!

Not to be intimidated by the google giants jerk status (how are they different from any of the other giant corporations?) I'm plowing on through, keeping the ads on my site and striving to provide my readers with regular quality content and to ever grow a loyal audience, as you are.

But there MUST be other ways help pay the bills while you do what you like doing? I started my search. Today, I ran across this site, called Blogsvertise.

Blogsvertise has a unique way of approaching selling advertising to their clients. Once Blogsvertise approves your site, they email you their advertisers site link as an assignment. Unlike some of the other sites, you don't have to drool all over this thing. All you have to do is have the link at least three times in your post. You can write about the site, you can write the links into something you're already blogging about, you can totally RIP on the site, it's up to you. When Blogsvertise sends you an assignment, you have five days to complete it and submit it for review. They send you an assignment by email, you incorporate the links into your blog, submit it, and wait. The minimum payout to your paypal account is $4.00 (unless your under probation, but we won't talk about that!). All they are asking for is a minimum of three links, and a minimum number of words so that you have content and don't cheat the system. Both numbers are very fair to both themselves, the advertisers, and us bloggers.

So far, the ladies and gents at Blogsvertise seem like a decent sort indeed. You don't need to be a product whore, and they have a unique way of benefiting themselves, us bloggers, and those that feed us all, the advertisers.

I've signed up to Blogvertise, and am looking forward to trying it out. Maybe it won't suck hard like google does!

4 keen observations:

Cyberpunk said...

i've thought about ads but never put up any since my blog is not exactly heavily trafficked so, yes, i may get my check around the year 3000...

do you have ads? :D hehe I'm using a adblock plus in my firefox so I may not be contributing to your ad efforts...

Mike said...

Yup, I got ads, not that it matters much :P

Jay Cam said...

sounds nice..

merry christmas!!

i found you through cyberpunk.
who i guess u know as well!

Mike said...

Howdy Jay

I don't know Cyberpunk personally, although if I'm ever in the Phillipines I'll do my best to look her up.

Thanks for stopping by, merry christmas to you do, and by the way, nice blog. I always was a sucker for black blogs (just couldn't get it to work for mine for some reason).